• Country Facts Festival-packed cities that offer the best quality of life, innumerable trails for hiking, skiing, exploration and outdoor sports; polar bears, whales, grizzlies, moose and other animals that are as large as the countryside and the influence of British, French, indigenous aboriginal tribes along with some of the highest migrant populations on earth. All this and more makes lovable Canada as different from the US as a neighbour can possible get. To get under the skin of Canada, watch ‘Dance Me Outside’ by Bruce Macdonald, read Michael Ondaatje’s ‘In the skin of a lion’ and listen to the sounds of Neil Young.
    Capital: Washington DC
    Capital: Ottawa
    Official Languages: English, French
    Government: Federal Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy
    Currency: Canadian Dollar
    Time Zone: Newfoundland -3:30 GMT (8 hrs behind India), Atlantic -4:00 GMT (8½ hrs behind India), Eastern -5:00 GMT (9½ hrs behind India), Central -6:00 GMT (10½ hrs behind India), Mountain -7:00 GMT (11½ hrs behind India), Pacific -8:00 GMT (12½ hrs behind India)
    Telephone Calling Code: 001
  • When To Go Best time to visit: March to November. The average temperature in Canada is 5.7°C. The highest monthly average high temperature is 27°C. The lowest monthly average low temperature is - 16°C.

  • What To Do France, China, Britain and America play a huge influence in Canadian cuisine. Seafood and British dishes hold sway over the coastal regions, while Quebec is more French in its tastes. Maple syrup and products are found throughout the country as are fresh fruits and vegetables.
    What to eat and drinkMontreal-style smoked meat
    Oka cheese
    Maple syrup
    Canadian pealmeal bacon
    Butter tart: A small pastry, a quintessentially Canadian dessert
    Poutine: French fries topped with fresh cheese yogurt and covered in brown gravy. Can contain anything from truffles to lobster meat
    Smoked salmon
    Montreal-style bagles
    Fish and Brewis: A traditional Newfoundland meal of codfish and hard bread or crackers
    Nanaimo bar: A cookie with a wafer-crumb-base, topped with light vanilla or custard-flavoured butter icing, and chocolate
    Yukon Jack Whiskey

    Shopping Clothes, furniture, jewelery, foodstuff, salmon, meat, music, movies, art, alcohol, maple syrup, chocolates, antiques.

  • Escorted Tours
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  • Travel Tips
  • VISA



    By AirCanada is very well connected to the outside world. Toronto airport is the busiest airport in Canada. It is the main hub for Air Canada.


    By TrainVIA Rail operates most of Canada's intercity and transcontinental passengers train, linking most of the cities and towns. In some remote parts of the country trains provide the only overland access. Taking the train is more expensive than the bus.

    By Bus The frequency of bus services ranges from 'rarely' to 'constantly' but bus trips can be very long. Express buses operate on busy routes. By most standard bus services are quite good. Buses are generally clean and comfortable.

    MetroToronto, Montreal and Edmonton are the only Canadian cities that have a subway system. Vancouver has above ground monorail. Route maps are posted in all stations.

  • DO'S & DON'TS

  • The local's philosophy is that you should always expect rain especially in Vancouver. Make sure to pack a raincoat and an umbrella.
  • Sunscreen is a must in summer.
  • Winter weather can be unforgiving with high wind-chill, heavy snowfall. Dress warmly in layers and cover the pulse points.
  • Protect ears and forehead wear a hat, most of your body heat is lost through your head.