• Country Facts A country less than 70 years old, Israel has a history that goes back to more than a 1000 years ago. Though fraught with political strife, tourism contributes the largest share of income. With Mediterranean beaches, striking desert landscapes, outdoor activities, nature reserves, Biblical ruins, Crusader fortresses, WWII memorials and cosmopolitan cities, this Holy Land is a very tourist-friendly country. To get under the skin of Isreal, read anything by Amoz Oz, watch 'Promises' by Shapiro, Goldberg and Bolado and listen to Sarit Hadad's 'Let's light a Candle Together'.
    Capital: Jerusalem
    Official Languages: Hebrew
    Government: Republic
    Currency: Shekel
    Time Zone: +3:00 GMT (3½ hrs behind India)
    Telephone Calling Code: 00972
  • When To Go Best time to visit: The average temperature in Israel is 17.4°C. Temperatures in July and August can go above 40°C, and below 5°C in January and February.

  • What To Do Israeli food includes flat bread, lentils, fresh fruits and nuts, raw vegetables, lamb, beef, and dairy products. Grilled meats and fish, stuffed vegetables, and traditional spicy Mediterranean salads and spreads are also standard fare.

    Nightlife: Called the city that never stops, Tel Aviv has restaurants and coffee shops that serve ethnic foods and international cuisine, an amazing variety of cultural venues - pubs, music clubs and dance parties offering every style of music and world class DJs; theaters present classic and modern plays or amusing stand-up comedians; dance companies from Israel and around the world, music, cinema and performing arts festivals and street shows. From the Florentine quarter, along Shenkin Street and all the way to Tel Aviv port, there's a wonderful selection of entertainment spots.

    Watch a play at one of Jerusalem's theaters, enjoy and orchestral performance, visit an Irish pub, relax at a music bar or go dancing at a night club. What to eat and drink Shakshooka: An egg and tomato dish
    Fava bean spread
    Sesame candy
    Schnitzel: Veal, chicken, or turkey cutlets
    Cheese-filled crepes (blintzes)
    Matzo balls: Dumplings eaten with chicken soup
    Latkes: Potato pancakes
    Malawach: A stuffed buttery pastry served with salsa
    Hummus with pita
    Pita sandwiches
    Mandelbrot: Almond cookies
    New Year’s Honey Cake
    Sahlab: A spicy, milky drink
    Shopping Beauty products with Dead Sea ingredients, music CDs, apparel, fake jewelery, brass lanterns, brass hookahs, goblets and wine glasses, rice paper crafts, lokum, ceramic drums, silver.
  • Escorted Tours
  • The best and easiest way to see the highlights is on an escorted tour, where all your travel, accommodation and sightseeing arrangements are well taken care of. A knowledgeable local guide brings history and culture to life as you travel in the comfort of your deluxe coach.

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  • Travel Tips
  • VISA



    By AirIsrael is very well connected to the outside world. Ben Gurion airport is the biggest and busiest airport in Israel and is a gateway for foreign tourists.


    By BusNational bus service Egged has an extensive route service in Israel. These buses are modern, clean and air conditioned making travel safe and comfortable.

    By Train Israel state railways run a convenient, efficient and inexpensive network of passenger trains. The main problem faced by the foreign passenger is the language barrier. Trains are not marked in English and announcement is made in Hebrew.

    Self Drive There are several car rental companies like Hertz, Avis.

  • DO'S & DON'TS

  • When visiting Israel wear light and cotton clothes so as to deflect as the rays of the sun get really hot.
  • If you are visiting Christian or Muslim religious sites you need to wear appropriate dress. No shorts are allowed for both men and women.
  • Both men and women need headgear a hat or yarmulke (Jewish skull cap) and a scarf for women.