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City Tour of Athens - Morning

Duration: 4 hours
Overview: On this half day tour you'll see many of the main sights of Athens. Your first stop will be the Stadium Panatenaico of Athens, where the first Modern Olympic Games took place in 1896. Then continue to the Zeus Temple followed with panoramic views of the main avenues and the Parliament with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where the changing of the guards take place. You will also have the opportunity to see the Museum of Coins, the Catholic Cathedral, Schliemann's House (who discovered Troy), the Academy, the University and the National Library. Visit the famous Acropolis of Athens and its monuments which are universal symbols of the classical spirit and civilization and form the greatest architectural and artistic complex bequeathed by Greek Antiquity to the world.

Athens by Heart – Afternoon Half Day Tour

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Overview: Visit Athens's historic centre, the new Acropolis Museum and the ancient Agora. Admire the wonders of the classical era, the statues and the incredible art samples. See the Plaka (the neighborhood of the Gods) and the old city of Athens. Walking on its paved narrow streets, travel back in time. Pass by Lysikrates monument, the church of St. Nikolaos Rangavas (11th century.) and the Roman market before reaching the Greek Agora along with the amazing Temple of Hephaistos (5th century B.C.). The Agora, on the North-West slopes of the Acropolis, was the heart of Ancient Athens from the late 6th century B.C. It was a place for political gatherings and debate, for elections, religious occasions and trading activities, theatrical performances and athletic competitions.

Morning Walking Tour with Acropolis

Duration: 3 hours
Overview: The tour starts inside the Syntagma metro station where your guide will show you the very interesting archaeological exhibits of the station. Continue your walk and see the House of the Greek Parliament and Syntagma Square (the heart of the city) where you will visit a Byzantine church (either Sotira of Lycodimos or the Kottakis Church, depending on which is open). Continue to stroll through Plaka, (the old town of Athens) where you will come across Lysicrates Monument from the 4th century BC and the Hadrian's Arch.

A ten minute walk up the beautiful Dionyssiou Areopagitou pedestrian walkway will bring you to the Acropolis with its spectacular views over the city below. Your guide will give a detailed explanation of the history of the glorious monuments of the Acropolis (Parthenon, Erechtheion, Propylaia, Nike Temple) and its surrounding monuments too (Dionysos sanctuary, Philopappos Hill, Mars Hill, Pnyx Hill, Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Ancient Agora).

Half Day Ancient Corinth – Morning

Duration: 5 hours 15 minutes
Overview: Leave Athens and drive south west to the Corinth Canal which connects the Aegean Sea with the Ionian Sea. Make a short photo stop here and drive to the ancient town of Corinth where St.Paul lived and preached for two years. The remains of the city which include the Agora (market place) and Apollo's Temple (6th century B.C.) clearly show how rich and important Corinth was in ancient times. A short stop at the site of the Ancient Port of Cehries, where St. Paul disembarked, will conclude the visit. Return to Athens.

Wine Tasting & Ancient Corinth

Duration: 8 hours
Overview: This morning, drive along the coastal road to Corinth Canal for a short photo stop. Drive to the Ancient Corinth one of the most important cities of ancient Greece, where St. Paul lived and preached. Visit the Agora and one of the most outstanding monuments of pre - Roman period, the Temple of Apollo.

Continue to one of the most famous wineries of Nemea Region in the Peloponnesus, one of the most important appellations for the production of red wine. Greece may well be the leader amongst all countries known for their tradition in viticulture. This is due to the Greeks producing wine since 4000 B.C. but also to the fact that wine has long been adored, praised and chanted in the name of god Dionysus.

Today, Greek wine production, abiding by tradition but invigorated by modem technology, offers a wide variety of fine wines. Visit the state of the art winery facilities, learn about the production of quality red wine and visit the underground cellars with more than 1000 French oak barriques (barrels) to taste some of the best wines of the domain. Return to Athens.

Delphi – Full Day Excursion

Duration: 10 hours 15 minutes
Overview: Drive through the fertile plain of Boeotia, passing the towns of Thebes, connected with the tragedy of King Oedipus, Levadia and Arachova, famous for its colorful rugs and carpets and enjoy a short stop here. Arrive at Delphi, the centre of the ancient world, called the 'Omphalos' (navel of the earth), whose prestige extended far beyond the boundaries of the Hellenic world. On the slopes of Mount Parnassus, in a landscape of unparalleled beauty and majesty, lie the ruins of the Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios. Visit the Treasury of the Athenians, the Temple of Apollo, and the Museum containing such masterpieces of Ancient Greek sculpture as the bronze Charioteer and the famous athlete, Aghias. Return to Athens.

Meteora – Full Day Excursion

Duration: 10 hours
Overview: Meteora is one of the largest and most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece, second only to Mount Athos. Just beyond the town of Kalambaka, massive gray colored pinnacles rise towards the sky. It is a strange but breathtaking landscape that has been sculpted by wind and water over thousands of years. Meteora means 'suspended in air'. 9th century hermits first climbed them to settle in the caves and fissures of the rocks. There were originally 24 monasteries in the rock community. Only six monasteries remain. The monasteries contain priceless historical and religious treasures. Return to Athens in the evening.

Note: For the visit to the Monasteries, ladies must wear a modest skirt and gentlemen must wear long trousers.

Saronic Full Day Cruise

Duration: 13 hours
Overview: This cruise visits three of the most important islands in the Saronic Gulf; first the island of Aegina, the biggest island of Saronikos, inhabited since the second millennium BC with two major archeological sights, the Church of Saint Nektarios who is the last Saint recognized by the Greek Orthodox Church, a marvelous fish market, a unique floating fruit market and an economy based on the famous pistachio nuts. Take an optional tour to the Temple of Aphaia.

Then it's on to Poros, the smallest of the three islands, full of pine and lemon trees, located very close to the Peloponnese. Lunch is served on board, usually when the ship is sailing between Poros and Hydra. Hydra is one of the favorite islands of the international jet-set with its unique architecture and its narrow streets with small shops where you may find jewellery and articles of folklore art. Return to Athens.

Cape Sounion

Duration: 4 hours
Overview: Take a drive along the coastal road, past the wonderful beaches of Glyfada, Vouliagmeni and Varkiza to the southernmost point of Attica, Cape Sounion, where the white marble pillars of the Temple of Poseidon stand. On the way enjoy a splendid view of the Saronic Gulf and the little islands offshore. After visiting the Temple of Poseidon, spend some free time walk to along the rocky promontory of Sounion. Return to Athens.

Romantic Dinner with Acropolis View

Duration: 3 hours
Overview: You will be picked up from your hotel lobby for a short tour of Athens by night, passing by the most important parts of the city; the Temple of Olympian Zeus, National Garden, Parliament, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Catholic Cathedral, Academy, University, National Library and Old Parliament. Continue to Strofi Tavern, a short walk from the Plaka, just under the Acropolis.

Established 1975 it is a popular spot for the after theatre dinner crowd, offering delicious cuisine and great environment. With amazing views of the Rock of the Acropolis, Strofi has hosted many famous personalities after their performances in the Theatre of Herodes Atticus. It was renovated a few years ago. Some of the dishes include the rustic bread with fava bean puree and fried zucchini with garlic yogurt-cucumber sauce. The restaurant has an interior room as well as an open terrace for a great view.

Dance with the Greeks

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Overview: This entertaining evening will start with a pick up by coach from your hotel. Drive to Philopappou Hill, where the National Greek Dance Theatre 'Dora Stratou' is located. The Dora Stratou is unique in the world. Founded in 1953, it is still the living museum of Greek Dance. Dances, songs and music will be presented to you in their original forms, as they are still performed in their respective villages or islands. The costumes are authentic museum pieces and some of them have been made over a century ago. This phenomenal collection of clothes contains over 2000 pieces complete with an amazing range of jewellery and accessories. Join in and learn the basis steps with the dancers. After an unforgettable show, enjoy a delicious Greek dinner in a classic taverna in the lively area of Plaka. After the dinner you will be dropped back to your hotel.

Greek Cooking Lessons with Lunch

Duration: 3 hours
Overview: This cooking lesson will start with a pick up from your hotel lobby, where you will then take the metro (or walk depending upon your hotel's location) to the vibrant Varvakeios market, famous for its local, fresh products. The market is divided into several areas, including the open air vegetables and fruits market (Lachanagora), fresh fish market (Psarara) and the meat market (Kreatagora).

This is a real slice of traditional Greek daily life, beginning in the early hours of the morning and lasting until late in the afternoon. After this unique shopping experience you will be taken to the lively Plaka historical centre and head to the 'Gods' restaurant across from the New Acropolis Museum. Your chef will show you how spinach or cheese pies are prepared let you taste a selection of Greek appetizers, Greek salads and souvlakis. After this demonstration indulge in a spot of lunch. The tour terminates at the restaurant.

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