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Tagbilaran City Tour

Duration: Half Day Tour
Overview: Tagbilaran is the capital of Bohol and its only city. It is at the south-western end of the island. Most boats arrive here, and all scheduled flights land on its one-strip airport, not far from the city center. Apart from visiting several shopping malls, such as Bohol Quality, Island City Mall, and Plaza Marcela, you can dine in various restaurants, visit the Bohol Museum and see a number of interesting landmarks, such as the Sandugo Blood Compact site (first Treaty of Friend ship between Spain and Bohol) in the Bool district of Tagbilaran city. This monument offers a nice view over the Bohol sea, with Panglao island to the right and Pamilacan island a bit farther away to the left.

Panglao Beach

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: Panglao Island south of Bohol, is home to some of the best known beaches of Bohol, including Dumaluan beach and Alona beach, and thus has numerous beach resorts. The Pangloa Beach is one and half km long. Take a short ride to the town proper one morning or afternoon. Panglao still preserves the traditional layout of a Philippine rural town. See the remnants of an older church (one stone wall remains, the remainder of this building was previously made of bamboo) and a massive hexagonal watchtower, the largest on Bohol.

You can also take a whale or dolphin watching tour, island hopping and excursions to the most well known tourist attractions.

Pamilacan Island

Duration: Half Day Tour
Overview: On Pamilacan Island visit the Spanish watchtower, fish sanctuary or enjoy the underwater delights of snorkeling, walk around the island or just relax on the white beach. Dolphin watching is a daily attraction and lucky ones may see Sperm Whales and Bryde's Whale from March to June. A highly skilled spotter will accompany you and serve as a guide.

Tension Bridge in Sevilla

Duration: Half Day Tour
Overview: Sevilla is 36 km to the east of Tagbilaran. The famous bamboo hanging bridge crosses the Sipatan River in Sevilla. This hanging bridge has become a tourist attraction in Bohol because crossing it is quite different from crossing a concrete or wooden bridge. Feel the bridge swaying and bouncing a little bit on every step, especially if there are several people crossing the bridge at the same time. There are two bridges, one for each direction. There is an entrance fee to cross the bridge.

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