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Wadi Dharbat Oasis

Duration: At your own pace Overview: If you want to see lots of camels and are in Salalah late in the year then visit Wadi Dharbat as it is transformed from a moody, muddy place into a lush oasis in the winter months. A waterfall cascades into the wadi at this time of year over a 150m rock face, called a Travertine Curtain. When the waterfall dries up it reveals a huge pitted rock face that looks rather like a fizzing drink. A short drive beyond Wadi Dharbat leads to Tawi Atayr, one of the largest known sinkholes in the world measuring 150m in diameter and 211 deep.

An Nabi Ayyub (Job's Tomb)

Duration: 4 hours Overview: Of the 10 mausoleums in and around Salalah, the one with the most religious significance to Muslims and Christians alike is An Nabi Ayyub (Job's Tomb). The drive leading up to the isolated hilltop location of the tomb is particularly beautiful just after the Khareef mists have lifted and you get a spectacular view over the Salalah plain.


Duration: At your own pace Overview: View the region's famous frankincense trees. One of the best places to go is the Frankincense Park at Wadi Dawkah. Frankincense is the hardened aromatic resin of the Boswellia tree and is burned for its aromatic and insect–repelling qualities. Locally produced frankincense is widely available in the Souq Al Hafa in Salalah.

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