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Dresden Tour

Duration: 90 minutes
Overview: Before the tour starts, choose your dream Trabi. After a short briefing concerning the 'secrets' of the 'four-gear manual change' you can start: pull the choke, start the car, shift to the low gear, let off the break, push the gas pedal and off you go. With 26 horsepower and at 30 km/h you chug along the streets in your trabi convoy. Your guide sits in the lead car and tells you interesting and curious things about yesterday and today over the loudspeakers via radio in every Trabi. Learn about numerous parks, the villa quarter in Blasewitz and the castles on the Elbe; discover the oldest areas of Dresden and Loschwitz. After graduating from your adventure and having gained new knowledge about how to drive a Trabi, every first driver of the Trabi gets his/her own 'Trabi-driving license.

The Green Vault – A Golden Age

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: The Green Vault, the former treasure chamber of the Wettin dynasty of Saxony, covers around 2,000m² of exhibition space.

Every year, it dazzles many thousands of visitors with its glittering collection of exquisitely crafted jewellery and gold. A visit to the Green Vault does require some planning, however, as it only has capacity for 100 people per hour. Tickets are valid for specific time slots only, which means that everyone can admire the exhibits at their leisure without having to fight the crowds.

Zwinger & Old Master Gallery in Dresden

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: This architectural masterpiece is one of Europe's foremost late-baroque buildings. The Crown Gate (Kronentor) with its golden dome has become a famous Dresden landmark.

Zwinger Palace was once used for court festivities. Even back then, its buildings housed the Electoral art collections, library, Old Masters Gallery, armoury, porcelain collection, zoology museum and Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments. With its enchanting fountains and picturesque backdrop, the courtyard is a great place to relax and in the summer is used as a stage for open-air events.

Volkswagen's VW's 'transparent factory'

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: VW's 'transparent factory', designed by Munich architectural firm Gunther Henn, represents a new era in automotive manufacturing, a pioneering production plant – smooth, clean and transparent.

This prestigious symbol of the Free State of Saxony and the Volkswagen Group follows the strategy of combining a futuristic setting in beautifully landscaped grounds with the legend of this famous baroque city. The environmentally friendly CarGoTram transports all parts – with the exception of the bodies – from the VW logistics center at Dresden-Friedrichstadt railway station to the factory.

Neustadt Market Hall

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: Bathed in natural light with wrought-iron railings, ornate cast-iron stairs and atmospheric lanterns from the late 19th century, Neustadt market hall takes visitors back to the hustle and bustle of market life in around 1900. In 1999, the market was restored to its former glory and offers a fascinating blend of traditional architecture and modern shopping on four levels. It is considered the most attractive market hall in Germany and an architectural rarity not only for its magnificent vaults, but also for the exemplary way it which it has retained all of its original function and charm.

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