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Hainan - Haikou

Tour to Qionghai & Xinglong

Duration: 8 Hours Overview: Visit the Boao area in Qionghai city which has the best-preserved river exit to the sea in the world. The water, the beaches and the green forests make Boao naturally scenic. Take a boat ride from the Jade Beach to the sea. Visit the Baoa Asia Forum Venue where the first ever Asia Forum was held between leaders from all the major Asian countries. After lunch, head down to the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, which covers 33 hectares and has over 1000 species of tropical plants. Return to Haikou.

Haikou Tour

Duration: 8 Hours Overview: Haikou is the capital city and the economic and cultural centre of Hainan Island. Visit Hai Rui Tomb. Proceed to the 6 km long Holiday Beach and then visit one of the best-preserved inactive volcanoes in the world, Hainan Island Volcanic Crater to see the remains of the volcanic eruptions from 10,000-30,000 years ago. After a Hainan style lunch, visit the largest tropical garden in Haikou, 82 hectare Wanlu Garden, home to hundreds of wild and rare tropical plant species. The tour ends at a local shop offering special Hainan delicacies and products.

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