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Budapest – Spa City

Budapest is often called the "Spa Capital" because it is the only capital city in the world with real hot springs within the city boundaries. Spa vacationing has a long tradition in Hungary, going back to the Roman times. In Budapest, the spas are modern, offering all the comfort and in-house facilities other old European spa towns may not have.

In Budapest

Margaret Island
This idyllic, traffic free island is Budapest's mid Danube treasure only minutes away from downtown attractions. Three thermal springs feed the world famous spa to offer relaxation and cure for thousands of visitors each season. The spa's treatment center is equipped with the most modern balneo, electro, mechano and dental technology. The therapy is based on the water of three springs containing calcium, hydrogen-carbonate, chloride and sulphate. Balneotherapy includes underwater massage, underwater gymnastics, effervescent bath, mud packs, traction bath using extensive weight equipment. The electrotherapy departments have the most up-to-date technical equipment. Iontophoresis, galvanic current, interference current, ultrasound, phototheraputic treatments are available, just to mention a few. Traditional methods of treatments are also complemented by medical massage, medical gymnastics and acupuncture.

Outside Budapest

Heviz, Thermal Spa Resort
It is the best known spa of Western Hungary, only 6 km from Lake Balaton, 210 km from Budapest. The resort town's most famous attraction is the large hot-water natural lake, unique in Europe, whose mildly radioactive water contains sulfur, alkali, hydrogen carbonate and calcium salts. The thermal spring feeding the lake produces 86 million liters of water a day, so the water of the lake completely changes every 28 hours. The water temperature never goes below 26-28 C which makes pleasant bathing possible even in the wintertime. There are several high quality restaurants, inns, cafes, casinos and entertainment options available.

Buk Spa

Close to the Austrian boarder, the 4 star Thermal Hotel Buk has its own well to supply its pools and individual baths. The Buk spa is equipped with the most modern diagnostic, medical and dental units as well as a full physiotherapeutic department. For those preferring more active holidays, fitness room, tennis courts, mini golf, bowling ring, squash courts, autogen training, gymnastics, table tennis, garden chess, volleyball, basketball and other programs are available. The spa also boasts one of Europe's largest 18 hole championship Golf Courses. Riding School and hunting are available nearby.

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