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Iguassu Falls (Brazil)

Bird Park – Iguassu

Duration: 2 hours
Overview: Just outside the Iguassu National Park, the Bird Park is situated on 12 acres of native subtropical forest. It is home to over 900 birds from 150 different species, the majority being Brazilian birds. As one third of these species are under threat of extinction, an important breeding program is in progress. All the birds in the park have come from zoos or IBAMA-authorized breeders. Enjoy a tour of this fabulous Bird Park and see hundreds of birds in their natural habitat.

Helicopter Flight 10'

Duration: 10 Minutes
Overview: Take a breathtaking helicopter ride over the Iguassu Falls. Admire the vast landscape through the mists of the gigantic falls and the clouds. View the tortuous route of the Iguassu River through the forests of the Iguassu National Park until it reaches the top of the Devil's Throat. View the falls at a height of 500 feet.

Iguazu Falls Argentinean Side

Duration: 3 Hours
Overview: Depart from the hotel for Iguazu Falls, 24 km from Puerto Iguazu and cross the Brazil/Argentina border. Arrive at the Visitors Center and the Iguassu Park Entrance and board a gas-propelled train to the upper falls circuit and the Devil's Throat. Disembark at Devil's Throat Station, walk for 1,100 m on a flat catwalk over the Upper Iguassu River that crosses several islands. Reach the strategic lookout point on the side of the gorgeous Devil's Throat.

Macuco Safari by Boat

Duration: 2 Hours
Overview: Enjoy this tour inside the Iguassu National Park (Brazil), about 7 km from the Visitor's Centre. After a 3 km ride in a wagon pulled by an electrical vehicle and a 500 m walk in the forest, travel along the river in an inflatable boat and reach the base of the Iguassu Falls. The whirlpools, waves and currents created by the Falls are unforgettable. Admire them up close whilst experienced pilots maneuver the boat in the midst of the misty Falls.

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