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Island Hopping

Overview: Explore the many different islets or other resorts, pristine uninhabited islands or those islets occupied by the local villagers. Take a full day excursion to a secluded island, where you can swim, snorkel or simply soak up the sunshine. Enjoy a delectable barbeque lunch at the island. Honeymooners often take a romantic tour of the secluded islands.

Choose from:

The Bluetribe Moofushi Diving Center
Enjoy windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, riding on catamarans/pedal boats, and more at Moofushi Island, located in the west side of Ari Atoll which has an amazing variety of corals and abundant fish. Join excursions to spot whale sharks, manta rays and more, enjoy a sunset cruise on a dhoani, the typical Maldivian boat, to spot dolphins.

Alimatha Island
Located at the Vaavu Atoll on the eastern side of the Maldives, Alimatha Island offers world-class diving, aquarium-like snorkeling as well as a central beach complete with great facilities. The island itself has rich green vegetation surrounded by beaches and many stunning sites.

Manta Point
Manta Point is off the tiny island of Baros. Its dive centre is Dutch run. The best time of year to see the Mantas is between June and November. See Manta rays at the reef cleaning stations being fed and cleaned by wrasses or cleaner fish. Manta rays circle several large coral rocks and wait their turn to be cleaned. Then they swim to the shallow water to feed on plankton.

Banana Reef, North Male Atoll
Banana Reef is a protected area famous for its fantastic diving opportunities and wealth of marine life. Divers can expect to see napoleon wrasse, moray eels and the rare bannerfish and magnificent corals around which groper, sharks, jackfish, blue-striped snapper and barracuda roam. Some areas are well suited to snorkeling, while on dry land visitors can enjoy the location's splendid cliffs and caves.

HP Reef, North Male Atoll
Located on the south side of Girifushi island, it is also known as Rainbow Reef, one of the best diving sites to explore different kinds of superb coral reef formations and colorful fish underwater. It is a marine protected area.

The Biyadhoo Island
The island offers a variety of water sports from diving, snorkeling and more. There are more than 35 diving spots here. Whether you are craving for water adventure or just want to relax Biyadhoo Island is the place for you.

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