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Lapland - Rovaniemi

Santa Claus Safari - Rovaniemi

Duration: 6 hours
Overview: Visit the Arctic Circle where you meet Mr. Santa Claus himself. Do some shopping in the Santa Claus Village. Then enjoy lunch which your guide will prepare by an open fire; you can assist with cooking if you want! After lunch take a refreshing trip on a traditional riverboat along the Rivers Kemijoki and Ounasjoki. Visit a local reindeer farm, where you can learn the secrets of rearing reindeer. You will also participate in the ceremony of crossing the Arctic Circle. Return by boat back to town.

Riverboat Cruise to the Reindeer Farm

Duration: 1 hours
Overview: Embark on a traditional boat cruise along the lumberjack's floating route. Experience the summer at the Arctic Circle and learn about reindeer herding on your visit to the Reindeer cottage. Enjoy a cup of coffee and participate in the crossing of the Arctic Circle.

Husky Farm

Duration: 2 hours
Overview: After a short drive arrive at a local homestead where you are greeted by huskies. Also known as sled dogs, huskies are very friendly and sociable. Go on an hour long hike in the woods with your local guide and the dogs. Return to the homestead for a snack and a cup of coffee and get to know more about local life and the huskies. Drive down to the city.

Sampo tour including Snow Castle visit

Duration: 8 hours
Overview: At the meeting point in Rovaniemi, Aalonkatu, (09:45 or 08:45 Jan 30-April 8), a coach will pick you up and take you to Kemi, a northern town lying at the gateway of Finnish Lapland on the shores of the Arctic Gulf of Bothnia. Start off with a visit to Snow Castle (after Jan 30) which is a true showcase of architectonic snow-work made by local constructors. It attracts many visitors every winter. At 12.00 board the arctic icebreaker Sampo which is a fascinating base for those wishing to travel the frozen seas. Light meal will be served on board. Transfer back to Rovaniemi at 16:00.

Ranau Wildlife Park

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: Rauna Wild Park is located about 1 hour away from Rovaniemi. It offers tourists and nearby inhabitants the opportunity to observe arctic animals throughout the year, in an as authentic environment for the animals as possible. The park is open every day of the year, and the changing seasons bring their own additional dimension to the life in the park. Safari services are also available. The park animals consist of approximately 50 wild animal species. In the summer, there is also a domestic animal park in the park grounds.


Duration: At your own pace
Overview: The Arktikum in Rovaniemi provides a unique insight into the way of life, culture and history of the North. It is a museum, science centre, conference house as well as an architectural sight in its own right.

In the Provincial Museum's permanent exhibition THE NORTHERN WAYS you will find out about the life and mythology e.g. of the moose and bear and you will also hear the sounds of the Lappish animals. The exhibition presents Sámi culture, with its costumes and languages, and small-scale models of Rovaniemi from 1939 and 1944. The exhibition traverses from prehistory to the present day.

THE ARCTIC IN CHANGE exhibition by the Arctic Centre offers the visitors a journey through the Arctic world today. The exhibition promotes the natural beauty and the cultural richness of the Arctic, while it informs visitors about the ongoing rapid social and environmental changes occurring in the fragile Arctic. Visitors can also experience the coldness in a stylish cold room and lie down in the northern lights theatre.

The Arctic Circle

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: Santa Claus' office is right near the Arctic Circle, an imaginary line above which the sun never sets in summer for at least one night of the year. This is offset by the winter darkness known as kaamos, when the Northern Lights dancing in the sky are most brilliant of all.

The Northern Lights are caused by particles discharged by the sun as they enter the atmosphere. But according to ancient belief, they are caused by a fox's tail brushing the mountain snows. Hence their Finnish name, "Fox Flames".

You cannot see the Arctic Circle. Its location at 66° 32' 35'' is also recognized as the border between the hectic and non-hectic world. Anyone crossing it is filled with a sense of calm and forgets the busy world he or she has come from. What better place could there be for a meeting with Santa Claus?

Aurora Hunting by Panorama Bus

Duration: Please check with us for details
Overview: Sky Panorama Bus is the only bus in Finland that is equipped with a panoramic skylight. It is ideal for observing the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) in winter and for admiring summertime for skyscapes under the midnight sun.

The bus is available for charter throughout the year. Possible applications include, but not limited to Lapland sightseeing, Aurora Borealis hunting tour, airport transfer and excursions to Nordkapp and Russia.

Siida Museum

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: The Sami are the indigenous people of Northern Europe. Get an invaluable experience to learn about them and their rich culture. Drive via Ivalo to the beautiful Lake Inari, a holy place for the Sami people. From the Inari harbor enjoy a cruise on the lake with a first stop at Leviä Petäjäsaari, the Paradise Island, where you will be served a picnic lunch. The next stop is the holy place for Sami people, called Ukonkivi, located on Ukonsaari island. Head back to the Inari village, to visit Siida, a Sami museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre. The museum exhibits show how people have adapted to the extreme conditions of Lapland. Wonderful photographs, videos, dioramas, soundscapes and original artefacts guide you through a journey into the past.

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