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City Tour

Overview: Visit the Komombo Temple built on a high dune overlooking the Nile and to drive to Edfu to visit the Edfu Temple, one of the best preserved temples in Egypt, dedicated to the Falcon god, Horus. It is the second largest temple after the Karnark Temple.

Luxor & Karnak Temples

Overview: Visit the Luxor Temple, the "Hundred Gated" Temple of Thebes, built by two kings, Amenophis III and Ramses II during 2050-1652 BC. It includes royal courts surrounded by pairs of Papyrus-bunded columns, sanctuaries and chapels full of wall designs, inscriptions and sacrificial screens. Travel along a 2 mile avenue of ram headed Sphinxes, which link it with the massive and overwhelming Karnak Temple, the main centre of worship in ancient Egypt.

Luxor West Bank, Valley of the Kings & Hatshepsut Temple

Overview: Drive with your guide to the Valley of the Kings, burial place of the kings of Thebes (ancient Luxor), stopping at the visitors center. Guides are not permitted inside the tombs, but your guide will tell you what to look for inside the elaborately decorated rooms. Visit the tomb of King Tutankhamun at an extra cost.

Next, visit the striking Temple of Hatshepsut, learn about Queen Hatshepsut who posed as a male to gain the throne, and the temple's history. Wander the large courtyards and admire the intricate hieroglyphic decorations. Stop at the Colossi of Memnon and visit an alabaster factory.

Hot Air Balloon Flight over Luxor West Bank & Nile River

Overview: For unbeatable views of Luxor's famous temples, and the West Bank take a 30 – 45 minute hot-air balloon sunrise flight over the Nile River's west bank, following a safety briefing.

Temples of Karnak Sound & Light Show

Overview: An absolute must do, the show begins as you walk along the illuminated Avenue of Sphinx into the Great Court and tour the dark, ancient complex as a pharaoh's voice narrates the fascinating history of Upper Egypt and the New Kingdom. Admire the beauty of the temples as they come to life and illuminate the night sky.

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