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Lemur Spotting at Eastern National Park

Overview: There are 51 different varieties of lemur in Madagascar. In the Eastern National Parks of Andasibe and Perinet, you'll find the Indri - the black and white 'teddy bear' lemur. The more well known, ring tailed lemurs are generally found in the south and south-west. Ranomafana in the mid eastern region is home to Bamboo lemurs, Milne-Edwards Sifiaka and the nocturnal tiny mouse lemur. The rarely seen nocturnal Aye-Aye Lemur is the most unusual looking. It lives in the north east island of Nosy Mangabe.

Central Valley National Parks

Overview: Drive through stunning countryside to Ranomafana National Park, home to 26 species of mammals and 96 species of birds. Continue through the centre of the country and to Isalo National Park, great for trekking. With deep canyons and vertical walled gorges, waterfalls and natural swimming pools, see lemurs, chameleons, geckos and many sacred burial sites of the local Bara people.

Nosy Be

Overview: The name Nosy Be actually means big island and is pronounced Nosy Bay. It was the original tourist resort. The islands surrounding it offer barefoot luxury. Nosy Be was traditionally referred to as the 'Isle de Parfum' - the perfume island as it was, and still is, the source for many fragrances including Ylang-ylang, vanilla and pepper.

Whale Watching

Overview: Between July and September, the majestic humpback whales of Antarctica migrate to the warmer waters off the east coast of Madagascar. Most end up in the protected and shallow waters of Antongil Bay but many can be seen off the St Marie coast and the mainland. Enjoy a truly amazing experience!

Sainte Marie

Overview: St Marie is a tropical island with beautiful, deserted beaches, coral reefs to explore, small villages and hills covered with thick vegetation. 200 years ago Sainte Marie was used by pirates as a hiding/resting place. There are several shipwrecks to be discovered and even a pirate's graveyard!

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