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Makassar – the capital of South Sulawesi island province

Ujung Pandang (Makassar) Tour

Duration: 3 Hours
Overview: Ujung Pandang, also known as Makassar, is the largest city and provincial capital of south Sulawesi. It has been the commercial center of trade for Sulawesi and the eastern Indonesian islands for centuries. See Benteng Panyua (Fort Rotterdam) built by The King of Goa Tunipallangga in the 16th century. Also see the Paotere, Pinisi Harbour and the famous Somba Opu shopping centre.

Bantimurung Tour

Duration: 6 Hours
Overview: Visit Bantimurung, a protected Government Natural Reserve, 42 kms from Makassar. See the spectacular waterfall in the valley of the steep limestone hill, fertile tropical vegetation, butterflies and birds. On the way to Bantimurung, also visit Leang-leang National Prehistoric Park with unique finger prints on the wall of a cave that date back to 2500 BC.

Island Tour

Duration: 5 Hours
Overview: After your morning pick up, transfer to your boat and sail for an hour to the island of Barrang Lompo, inhabited by 400 silversmiths, producing fine filigree ornaments. After a short journey, leave for Samalona, a small coral island for swimming and snorkeling (own equipment required). A lunch box will be provided. Return to the boarding place in Makassar by noon.

Malino Tour

Duration: 8 Hours
Overview: Malino, at 850 ft above sea level, is a 2 hour/75 km drive south of Makassar. It is a tourist recreation area, where many varieties of tropical flowers, fruit and vegetables grow on the slopes of mount Bawakaraeng. Visit Takapala waterfall and a tea plantation. En route see the Bili-bili irrigation and visit Balla' Lompoa Museum to see the historical remains of the Kingdom of Gowa. Lunch box will provided.

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