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The Oresund Bridge

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: Oresund Bridge connects Amager and Oresund in Denmark (on the island Zealand) with Skane, Sweden, in a total length of just over 16.4 km. This is the road connection between the metropolitan areas of Copenhagen and Malmo. The Oresund Bridge offers a 4-lane road and two train tracks. It was officially opened on July 1, 2000.

The Stortorget (Malmo City Square)

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: Malmo's most popular attraction is usually Stortoget, Malmo's city center square surrounded by the Old Town (Gamla Staden). On the square you will see King Charles X's statue. Stortorget was built in 1536 and soon turned into Scandinavia's the largest city square (until recent times, that is). The bronze water sculpture on Malmo's Stortorget depicts the location of the old city well.

Lilla Torg in Malmo

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: Lilla Torg is a fun attraction at the center of Malmo's nightlife and restaurants. Lots of locals like to come here as well. Lilla Torg is a square surrounded by buildings erected between 1600 - 1800, which offer crafts, lots of food, mall-style shopping, and other entertainment. Good hotels in Malmo are nearby.

Gamla Vaster (Gamla Väster) in Malmo

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: Gamla Vaster lies west of Lilla Torg square. Take a stroll here and see the very low (!) houses and brick buildings in all the colors of the rainbow. Besides private residences, these Swedish buildings also house cafes and shops. Definitely Malmo's most colorful attraction!

Malmo City Hall & Residence

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: The Malmo City Hall was built in 1546. Unfortunately, this building underwent big changes in the 19th century. Visit the unique - but good - Rådhuskällaren Restaurant in the basement if you are hungry. The Residence is located right next to City Hall.

Folkets Park (People's Park) in Malmo

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: Head to Malmo's Folkets Park, which is similar to Tivoli park in Copenhagen and offers families rides and a park atmosphere from April-September. This amusement park includes quite a few animals, play areas, rides, and even a flea market.

St Peter's Church (St Petri Kyrka)

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: This church is the oldest building in the city (built in the 14th century) and can be found behind Stortorget. After viewing the detailing on the inside of the church, visit the Tradesmen's Chapel to see the historic paintings.

Malmohus Castle

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: Malmohus Castle is Sweden's oldest renaissance castle and definitely one of Malmö's top attractions. It contains four interesting museums - the Malmo City Museum, Natural History Museum, Konstmuseet (art museum), and Aquarium & Tropicarium. Free admission with Malmo Card!

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