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The Migration - Largest Live Game Show on Earth

Migratory Animals: Migration is the movement of animals from one area to another. Wildebeest and Zebra are the migratory animals and they migrate in search of food. The most dramatic part of the migration happens in the month of July & August when the animals jump into the Mara River to enter Masai Mara. People from all over the world come to see the river crossings during this period.

The Predators: They mark their territory and live within that. Hence July – August is a feast for the predators from Masaai Mara, as they get millions of migratory animals as prey.

The Migration Calendar

Month Migration/Movement
December – February The Migratory Animals are in Southern Serengeti "Ndutu"
February They give birth and almost double in number
March They start "Marching" towards Central Serengeti
April & May They are in Central Serengeti
June They start moving North towards the Kenya – Tanzania border
July & August They Jump into the MARA River to enter Masai Mara
September They start moving back towards Northern Serengeti
October They are in Central Serengeti
November They start moving towards Southern Serengeti "Ndutu"

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