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Bakha Fort

Duration: 5 hours Overview: Before leaving Musandam, stop at Bakha to view the early 17th century castle built by Saif bin Sultan al Ya'rubi. With an unusual pear shaped main watch tower, believed to repel cannon fire more readily than conventional straight sided towers, this castle stands proudly looking out to sea with clear views of the mountains behind.

Dhow cruise to Telegraph Island and beyond

Duration: 9 hours Overview: To see Musandam's fjords and islands at their best, the only way to travel is by sea. Take a dhow excursion to the remote islands where the scenery will take your breath away. This tour will transport you along a 17km fjord into a magical world of soaring mountains surging out of the sea, crystal clear shimmering waters and hidden villages nestling amid rocky outcrops and pristine beaches. Don't miss historic Telegraph Island, home to the first telegraph cable laid by the British in 1864.

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