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Okavanga Delta

Okavanga Delta

Overview: The Okavango River cuts through the center of the Kalahari Desert, creating a unique inland water system that gives life to a huge variety of birds and mammals. The best time to view wildlife from a traditional canoe - a mokoro, is during the peak of the flood, in the dry season from May to October when wildlife is more concentrated on islands. Stay at lodges dotted around or luxury safari camps.

Tsodilo Hills

Overview: This UNESCO site showcases more than 4,000 ancient San Bushmen rock paintings, some dating back over 20,000 years. 400 sites depict hunting scenes, dances and animals showing that the area was inhabited 100,000 years ago. This sacred San area is the site of the first creation of man, and a resting place for spirits of the dead. Hike the three main hills, using local people as guides. There is a basic campsite and small but informative museum on site.

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