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Discovering Prague Walking Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Overview: This walk includes a thousand years of history, architecture and stories. Visit the oldest and most interesting parts of Prague such as Charles Bridge, Lesser Square, Prague Castle with its Royal Garden and St. Vitus Cathedral, Jewish Town and Old Town. See the famous Astrological Clock, which has been measuring time in Prague for six centuries, in good and bad times. You will be told of the best clubs, bars and the latest cultural events. It's a great introduction to the most important sights in the historical centre of Prague.

Prague Castle Walking Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Overview: From Charles Bridge you will walk into the historical atmosphere of Lesser Quarter from where you will take a short picturesque tram ride to Prague Castle, the symbol of Czech culture and history. It has shared the fortunes of the Czech country. During the whole of its existence Prague Castle has seen the rise and fall of generations. You will also see St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, St. Georges Basilica, the Royal Garden and other great sights.

Monastery of Infant Jesus Prague Church

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: The history of the Infant of Prague started in the 17th century when the statue was brought into Bohemia (now Czech Republic) by a Spanish Lady and was given to the Carmelites at the Church of the Virgin Mary the Victorious in Mala Strana, a small town in Prague, as a spiritual treasure. However, the history of the statuette that has made this church famous began in Spain.

Grand City Tour, Prague Castle and Boat Cruise

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Overview: See Prague the historic and architectural jewel of Central Europe. The guide will be with you the whole time, explaining the history of Prague and its neighborhoods (Old Town, New Town, Lesser Town) during the bus trip. Continue to Prague Castle to visit the interior of this most important sight of Prague, St Vitus Cathedral. After 60 minutes of a guided walking tour, board a boat on Vltava River and cruise along admiring the beauty of Prague from a different view. Then continue for a pleasant walk through the Jewish town to the Old Town Square where the tour ends.

Jewish Walking Tour

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Overview: The first part begins with a walking tour to see the highlights of historical Prague while the second part includes a visit to the famous Jewish Quarter, Josefov. Passing by the birth place of Franz Kafka you will enter the original Jewish Quarter. Learn about the history of the former Ghetto and the Old New Synagogues and visit the old Jewish cemetery. Visit some of the synagogues, such as the Maisel, Pinkas, Klausen and Spanish Synagogues.

Bohemian Glass Factory

Duration:3 hours 30 minutes
Overview: Bohemian glass is truly world famous. In the Czech Republic there are more than two hundred glassworks where famous crystal glass has been produced over centuries. Visit a prestigious Bohemian glass factory where you can witness and admire the craftsmanship of the skilled glassmakers. Buy exquisite glassware at reasonable prices from the factory shop.

LAPIS – world of Jewellery, Crystal, Procelain & Bohemian Garnets.

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: 3 floors including 5 departments, see the largest crystal and jewellery store in Czech Republic. Jewellery of your dreams, precious stones and diamonds, a splendid tradition of jewellery art, hand production and uniqueness in the design of individual models. Open daily including weekends and holidays from 9am to 6pm

Beer Walk with Dinner

Duration: 3 hours
Overview: Enjoy an excellent Czech beer and experience the friendly ambience of a few local pubs. This guided walk will lead you to the most reputable Prague pubs. Whilst having a good time and tasting various beer brands, our guide will tell you some interesting aspects of everyday life. As good beer should be followed by good food you can be sure you will not miss a nice Czech dinner!

Evening Vltava River Cruise

Duration: 3 hours
Overview: Take an evening cruise along the Vltava River. Enjoy a buffet dinner is (included) and listen to live music on board. See Prague's monuments like Prague Castle with St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, the National Theater, Old Castle Vysehrad and other important sights from the river from a different perspective!

Folklore Evening with Music and Dinner

Duration: 3 hours 50 minutes
Overview: Our transportation will take you through Prague by night to a stylish wine cellar where you can enjoy traditional Czech food, beer and wines and be entertained with a folklore show and live music.

Krizik's Singing Fountain

Duration: 2 hours
Overview: The highlights of this tour is the spectacular show of the illuminated Singing Fountain based on the fascinating music of well known composers. Enjoy the light arrangements with stunning water creations. After the performance go on a a bus tour of Illuminated Prague passing by Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Municipal House, Powder Tower, National Theatre and back to the starting point.

Black Light Theatre

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes
Overview: Welcome to the world without words. The WOW show tells the universal story of a man searching for his inner child and the path of each one of us to overcome the fears we carry with us since childhood. Our hero, accompanied by a funny witch, looks deep into himself and visits every room in his soul, encountering forgotten places from the pure world of childhood.

Spectators themselves become children and must cope with their fear to be able to get to the very end of the performance. Combining traditional techniques with modern pyrotechnics, the magic of the Black Light Theater (which was created and matured in Czech land) reaches its peak.

Ghostly Prague Walking Tour

Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes
Overview: Prague is full of old legends, mysteries and ghost stories. In the night beware, for a surprise awaits you around every corner. If you are not careful or watchful you could find yourself face to face with the headless horsemen! As you walk quietly through the dark streets you will hear the myths about the skeleton on the Astronomical Clock, the elves in the Burgrave House, why the dishonest shopkeeper was drowned, the enchanted policeman, and more. End the tour in a pub and learn how to protect yourself against them.

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