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Queenstown – The Adventure capital of the World

Ziptrek Ecotours – Zipline Adventure

Duration: 2-3 hours
Overview: Ziptrek Ecotours is NZ's Number 1 original zipline tour and is a spectacular guided eco-adventure through the forest canopy high above Queenstown, situated on Skyline Gondola hill. Ride the gondola and check in at the Ziptrek Guest Services treehouse before stepping off architecturally designed aerial tree platforms to "zzziiiip" down the cable from tree to tree. From the moment you check in, to the moment you complete the tour, you are in the trees, high above the ground. Between the ziplines, Ziptrek guides deliver educational information with an ecological focus as well as facts on the local area. Ziptrek runs all year round and is stunning whatever the weather. With two tours to choose from it is suitable for everyone, whether looking for an introduction into Queenstown adventure (Moa 4-Line Tour) or wanting the latest gripping eco-exhilaration (Kea 6-Line Tour) which includes the steepest tree to tree zipline in the world.

NZONE Skydive – 9,000ft Tandem Skydive

Book in advance and you can cancel 24 hours before taking the leap in case you develop cold feet!Overview: Please report to the NZONE Skydive Centre, at 35 Shotover St, 10 minutes before your trip departure time. Experience the thrill and excitement of parachute jumping in New Zealand with a tandem Skydive above Queenstown.

NZONE Skydive is the most experienced and longest operating Skydive operator in New Zealand and the only Skydive company to have won the prestigious NZ Tourism Awards. The company operates in a premier destination, amongst the most amazing scenery in the world - in the Alpine Resort of Queenstown with stunning backdrops as seen in the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy.

The unique rural drop zone is 20 minutes from Queenstown on a private airstrip away from the main airport, nestled at the base of the Remarkable Mountains on the edge of Lake Wakatipu. The first skydive is a scary thing. You can expect sensory overload as your mind/soul/body fight against every natural self preservatory urge.

With this 9,000ft jump you will experience 25 seconds of Freefall!

Note: Weight Limit: 100kg (220lbs)
There are no age limits – however passengers under 18 years of age must have written consent from a parent or guardian.
Operates 364 days per year (weather permitting, closed Xmas Day)
All outer clothing and equipment is supplied
Each passenger is required to complete a medical questionnaire prior to their skydive

Tandem Skydive

Duration: 3 Hours 30 Minutes
Overview: This exciting tandem skydive is a 20-minute drive from Queenstown to the drop zone at the base of the Remarkables mountain range. Upon arrival, get a full safety briefing from the professional and highly experienced instructors. Board the plane and see fabulous views of Queenstown and the Remarkables as the aircraft reaches optimum altitude. Feel the rush of the wind as you free-fall for up to 65 seconds before your tandem instructor pulls the safety ripcord and you float weightlessly through the air.

World's Wildest Bungee Jump - Nevis Highwire Bungee Jump

Duration: 4 Hours
Overview: The experience kicks off with a rugged 35 minute back-blocks 4x4 drive before you get harnessed up and board the shuttle, which ferries you to the Bungee Pod.

After arriving at the Bungee Pod you'll have time to come to grips with what you're about to do - Bungee 134 meters over the Nevis Valley. Once off the edge it's simply a matter of basking in the glory of what you have achieved, as well as coming to grips with the 8 ½ seconds of freefall!

Famous For:

8.5 seconds of freefall.
Worlds wildest bungy.
New Zealand's ultimate personal challenge.
Southern alpine adventure. "Physically, no harm will come to the jumper. The system is very gentle on a person who jumps. You can be a big strong guy or a little wee girl or a paraplegic or a very old person - it's no problem to jump all these people because the thing about Bungy, is that it's from the shoulders up not the shoulders down and so it's inside your head." AJ Hackett.

The Ledge - Queenstown Sky Swing

Duration: 45 Minutes
Overview: And now for something completely different... remember the swing you had in your back yard? Well, the Ledge Urban Sky Swing takes that to a whole new level. In fact a level 400 meters over Queenstown.

Once harnessed, you're lowered to the release 'station'. As you swing away the biggest surprise is not knowing when you'll change from fall to swing. Just as your brain convinces you the fall will never stop, you begin arching out 400 meters over Queenstown. The Ledge Urban Sky Swing is the only swing operating at night. It might pay to leave dinner to afterwards if you know what we mean.

Comfort and safety: this is completely safe. The Ledge – Sky Swing was launched only after over one million jumps and procedures conformed to a rigorous code of practice.

Shot Over Jet Thrill Tour

Duration: 45 Minutes
Overview: Acknowledged as the world's most famous and successful Jet Boat operation, many imitate Shot over Jet, but for sheer excitement, no one comes close. Shot over Jet is the only company permitted to operate in the spectacular Shot over River Canyons and it's a thrilling ride. Speed in mere centimeters of water along the famous Shot over River and deep into the Canyons. As the rocky walls tower over you, your expert driver puts your "Big Red" through its paces and skillfully whips the Jet Boat past rocky outcrops, skims around crags and boulders and twists through the narrow canyons at breath taking speeds. And a major highlight - hold tight for the world famous Shot over Jet full 360 degree spins.

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