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Motorbike Ride Adventure with Captain Saud

Duration: 3 hours

Overview: Enjoy one of Riyadh’s most exciting motorbike adventures on this exceptional ride. Captain Saud and his friends are professional motorbike riders and will be your captains for the day. All the protective gear you need to make the best of your exhilarating experience will be provided. Female riders can also get to ride with female captains on this all-inclusive riding adventure. An exclusive photo session is also included in the package.

Edge of the World

Duration: Preferably Sunrise or Sunset

Overview: This is the name of the 1.131 m2 height cliff that lies some 100 km from Riyadh at the end of the 800 km extending Tuwaik Mountain range. It is the perfect destination of mountain climbing and hiking lovers, with breath-taking off-cliff spectacular views.

It would be best to drive a four-wheel car due to the roughness of the roads. Also, ensure you are equipped with everything you need as the area is wild and barren with no services available. You may encounter a mobile network outage, so go with a group of people or a tourism expert. It is also advisable to put on trainers appropriate for hiking and climbing cliffs. The best time to reach the top of the cliff is at sunrise or sunset.

Riyadh City Tour

Duration: 6 hours

Overview: Visit the magnificent Masmak Fortress, one of the most important landmarks of Saudi Heritage. Make your next stop, at Justice Square, where public executions take place, usually by beheading.

Then head towards the old bazaar of Riyadh, that is - Souq Al Zal, and pick up some souvenirs. Move towards the popular National Museum of Riyadh.

Hop back in your comfortable ride and head back to your hotel, with some memories to cherish.

Red Sands Tour

Duration: 5 – 6 hours

Overview: Pick up from your hotel to visit the Red Sands of Riyadh. Depart to the fixed camp site of this tour. Indulge in fun and different types of activities, like - sand boarding, dune bashing, sand sled. Then start with your soft trek. Take a break and enjoy a bit of Saudi hospitality at an Arabian-styled seating area, with some refreshing dates and Arabic coffee. Return to your hotel.

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