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Tour of Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and Raphael's Rooms

Duration: Half day
Overview: Avoid the lengthy queues and explore one of the world's most extensive art collections with an expert local guide on this fascinating tour of the Vatican. Your guide will share the stories and secrets contained within the Museums' walls, pleasures originally meant for the exclusive enjoyment of the Pope. See Michelangelo's famous Creation of Adam as you explore the Sistine Chapel and wander Raphael's Rooms. Marvel at the imposing beauty of Saint Peter's Basilica, and see another of Michelangelo's masterpieces, 'La Pieta'. For a fascinating finish, stop to admire the magnificent Saint Peter's Square, as your guide points out Bernini's ingenious use of optical illusion.

Hop on Hop off Cruise on River Tiber

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: This cruise is a circular connection between Ponte Sant'Angelo and Ponte Cavour, with the opportunity to hop on & hop off whenever and wherever you like for the entire ticket validity (24hrs from the first trip). The route taken during this cruise crosses Rome's historical centre, one of the most interesting archeological areas. A recorded commentary in 7 languages via headphones will be at your disposal.

Monumental Rome

Duration: 3 hours
Overview: This tour begins by passing through the Via Veneto, made famous by Fellini's Dolce Vita film. Before reaching Via Nazionale cross Piazza della Republica. Your walk through the historical centre starts with the Trevi Fountain and continues to Piazza Navona, built on the ancient Domitian Stadium with the famous Fountain of the Four Rivers, Bernini's masterpiece. Along the way admire Piazza Colonna so called due to the Column of Marco Aurelio. Visit the interior of the Pantheon, built in the 1st century B.C. with the biggest dome in the world as requested by Emperor Hadrian. Continue by coach to St. Peter's Square passing Castel St. Angelo. Visit the Basilica of St. Peter's to admire, among other treasures, the 'Pieta' by Michelangelo.

Ancient Rome and the Capitol Museums

Duration: 3 hours
Overview: This tour of the Capitoline Museums, Capitoline Hill and surroundings illustrates the legendary past of the Eternal City. From Trajan's Column in the Imperial Forum and from the modern Victor Emmanuel II Monument (Il Vittoriano), walk Michelangelo's Renaissance staircase to Piazza Campidoglio atop the Capitoline Hill to the ancient bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius. Tour the Capitoline Museums and see the oldest public museum collection in the world which houses some of the most famous and definitive pieces of art. Enjoy the best view of the Roman Forum from the Tabularium before re-emerging at Michelangelo's Piazza Campidoglio. End your visit at the terraces of the Victor Emmanuel Monument, the modern tribute to the Italian Republic and memory of the Italian Risorgimento.

Ancient Rome including the Coliseum

Duration: 3 hours
Overview: Crossing the Quirinal Square, arrive at Piazza Venezia at the heart of the city with its Monument to Victor Emmanuel II. Walk up to Capitol Square, designed by Michelangelo, and enjoy a magnificent view over the Roman Forum. Visit the Coliseum, symbol of Rome's majesty and eternity. Passing the Pyramid Cestia, visit St. Paul's Outside the Walls to see the tomb of the Apostle of the people.

Ancient Rome Walking Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Overview: Your guide will not only educate you on the history, politics, and architecture of the Eternal City, but will also make the life and times of ancient Rome come to life onAngels and Demons – Paths of Illumination

Duration: 4 hours
Overview: Inspired by Dan Brown's novel of the same name, experience an incredible journey, at the end of which you will discover the Illuminati and their secrets. You will follow the "Path of Illumination" and understand how to solve the many puzzles and enigmas that await. Discover the Altars of Science and decode the secret messages hidden in Bernini sculptures and Galileo texts. Enter the Church of Illumination for a glimpse of "il Passetto", the secret passage connecting the Vatican to the notorious Castel Sant'Angelo.

Catacombs and Roman Countryside Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Overview: Enjoy a guided tour by bus and on foot that provides a unique perspective on ancient Rome. The coach will take you from the start of the Appian Way and continue to the southern edge of ancient Rome. Make three stops along the way, giving you an opportunity to walk the ancient Roman countryside, explore the underground catacombs, and examine the masterful structure of Rome's remaining aqueducts.

Christian Rome

Duration: 4 hours
Overview: Visit St. Mary Major, the most beautiful Basilica to Mary, Mother of Christ, with gorgeous mosaics and the relics of Jesus' cradle. Visit St. John in Lateran, the Cathedral of Rome which was the first Papal residence. See masterpieces that range from the Middle Ages to the Baroque period. Stop at the Holy Stair then drive down the first part of the Appian Way for a view of the Domine Quo Vadis Chapel before reaching the Catacombs (Domitilla, St.Callisto or St. Sebastiano) whose ancient underground tunnels were the first burial places for Christians and Hebrews. The tour ends with a panoramic view of the Baths of Caracalla.

Tivoli - Hadrian's Villa and Villa d'Este

Duration: 4 hours
Overview: Travelling through the Roman countryside reach Tivoli, built on the slopes of the Sabine Hills. Visit Villa Adriana, built by Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd Century B.C. It is made up of the imperial palace, baths, libraries and gardens and is full of masterpieces and pools worthy of a country residence of the great Emperor Hadrian. A short drive takes you to the Villa d'Este, one of the most enchanting examples of late Renaissance architecture. Home to Lucretia Borgia's son, it is famous for its gardens, marvelous fountains, waterfalls and centenary trees.

A Night at the Vatican Museum

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Overview: Enter using your pre-reserved No Line entrance and see the Vatican Museums as few have ever had the opportunity to see them before. Experience the Sistine Chapel in the intimacy of the evening accompanied by an expert English speaking guide. Admire the Upper Galleries including the Gallery of the Tapestries and Candelabra, as well as the Hall of the Maps, the Octagonal Court, and Raphael's Rooms. Groups are limited to just 15 people.

Papal Audience in St. Peter's

Duration: 3 hours
Overview: Your journey takes you through the gardens of the Villa Borghese, past the Castel St. Angelo - formerly a papal fortress, to St. Peter's Square. Here, accompanied by the guide, you are admitted to the Papal Audience. After a message of hope given in a number of languages, his Holiness imparts his blessing.

Full Day Monumental and Ancient Rome

Duration: 9 hours
Overview: This full day tour is a combination of 2 tours; 'Monumental Rome' and a tour of 'Ancient Rome', with lunch and drinks included. Visit the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, St. Peter's Basilica, the Capitol, St. Peter in Chains with the famous Moses statue by Michelangelo, the Coliseum and St. Paul's Outside the Walls.


Duration: 13 hours 30 minutes
Overview: Travel southwards along the Autostrada del Sol and arrive in Naples to board the jetfoil for the island of Capri. Upon arrival and weather permitting, visit the Blue Grotto, a miracle of equilibrium between water, light and reflections of the wonderful sea-floors. Returning to Marina Grande proceed by minibus to Anacapri for lunch. Enjoy some free time for shopping and it's back to Marina Grande to embark for Naples

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