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Magnificent Shanghai

Duration: 8 Hours Overview: Visit Fuxing Park, originally a private garden during the Ming Dynasty. The French took it after the Opium War and made it the only French-style garden in Shanghai. Visit the famous Jade Buddha Temple. Its two very precious Jade Buddha statues were brought all the way from Burma. Then visit Nanjing Road, one of the best shopping streets in Shanghai. The Bund is the 3rd stop at the end of the Nanjing Road from where you can enjoy a view of many magnificent buildings. Enjoy lunch in a local restaurant. Visit the Shanghai Museum the best in Shanghai and 100 year old Yu Garden in the old city area.

Chinese Acrobats & Shanghai Evening Tour

Duration: 3 Hours Overview: Enjoy an astounding performance by the Shanghai Acrobatics School & Troupe. whose incredible feats of skill and grace have also won hundreds of gold medals in different international acrobatics competitions. Travel by luxury coach to catch a view of Shanghai at night which includes People's Square, city lights along the Bund and the former French Concession District. The final stop is Xin Tian Di, a chic restaurant, pub and boutique area where you can spend time on your own or continue to your hotel.

Shanghai Half Day Tour (choose from morning or afternoon tour)

Duration: 3 Hour 30 Minutes Overview: Visit the Bund, Shanghai's waterfront to enjoy the wonderful view of both sides of the Huangpu River. Visit Yu Yuan Garden, a classic creation of the Ming Dynasty and the Shanghai Old Street that originated in the Qing Dynasty. Drive along the former French Concession and visit Shanghai Arts and Crafts Store. The last stop will be Xin Tian Di, a stylish nightlife district with many boutiques, pubs and restaurants. Spend time on your own there, or return to your hotel.

Huangpu River Cruise at night

Duration: 2 Hours Overview: Transfer to the port at Bund for a relaxing 45 minute evening cruise. Enjoy the charming views of Pudong and Bund as your guide recounts the history of Shanghai. As the cruise heads north (downstream), pass Huangpu Park and the majestic Jin Mao Tower on the opposite shore. On the Pudong shore, enjoy views of the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Shanghai International Convention Center with its twin glass globes and more.

Hang Zhou, Heaven on Earth

Duration: 9 Hours 30 Minutes Overview: Hang Zhou is one of the leading tourist attractions in China. Cruise across the West Lake to view the Three Pools Mirroring the Moon, the Bai and Su causeways and Solitary Hill. The boat ride starts at the Fish & Flower harbor and ends by the Shangri-la Hotel or reverse. After lunch, visit Guo's Villa, the best existing traditional private garden in Hang Zhou. Visit the China Tea Museum and the Meijiawu Tea Plantation, to discover the history of Chinese tea and the tea ceremony. Dragon Well (Longjing) tea is famous throughout China. Stop at the Qiantang River and view the Six Harmonies Pagoda. Return to Shanghai.

Su Zhou & Zhou Zhang

Duration: 9 Hours 30 Minutes Overview: Su Zhou is one of the oldest towns in the Yangtze basin, founded in 600 BC. With its interconnected waterways and beautiful environment, the city is often referred to as "The Venice of the East". It was one of the few cities to escape the ravages of the Cultural Revolution and its famous gardens survived almost intact. Visit the Master of Nets Garden, Panmen Ancient City Wall, Grand Canal and a silk factory.

After lunch, visit Zhou Zhuang famous for its beautiful environment and simple architecture, well preserved for over 900 years. Most of the town's residences were built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and nearly 100 classic courtyards and 60 carved-brick archways are still in use. Visit an old residence in the old town and take a boat ride. Return to Shanghai.

Excursion to Wuxi

Duration: 8 Hours Overview: Transfer to Wuxi and visit Lake Tai, the most beautiful lake in China. Stop at Xihui Park which covers 6.85 square kilometers and includes the glorious Xishan Hill and winding Huishan Hill. Enjoy lunch (included), served at a local restaurant. Visit the Clay Sculpture Museum and the Tea Pot Production Museum, the two main museums in Wuxi.

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