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St. Gilles

Helicopter Flight over Mafate Cirque

Overview: Transfer by shuttle from your hotel to the Saint-Gilles heliport. Take off on a 45 minute flight toward the cirque of Mafate, the only cirque unreachable by car. Cross over the cirque toward Salazie. Stop in front of the Voile de la Mariée falls and enter the spectacular 600 meter deep Trou de Fer canyon through which the Bras des Cavernes river flows. Fly over the forest of Bébour and Bélouve to the volcano. The helicopter makes a large loop in the volcano up to the top of the last craters. Then, fly over the Plaine des Cafres after entering the cirque of Cilaos. Return via Mafate and over the Saint - Gilles beaches and lagoon. Land at the heliport and return to your hotel.

Scuba Diving

Overview: Discover the colorful Reunion seabed in warm and clear waters. See turtles, dolphins, manta rays and amazing corals. Qualified instructors guarantee the quality and safety of diving. A 'first dive' enables beginners to discover the flora and fauna at a maximum depth of 5 meters. Experienced divers can explore many diving spots: shipwrecks, caves, canyons, cirques and coral gardens.


Overview: Experience the thrill of speed in a beautiful water landscape. Go on the Jet Ski (you don't need special training or a license). Children from 5 to 15 will be accompanied by an instructor and those over 16 years can go solo with an instructor in front.

Visiobul Boat & Coral Safari

Overview: Sit in a "helicopter of the sea" a specially designed boat, for 40 minutes and go through the Saint-Gilles reef now a Marine Park, where hundreds of corals and colorful fish live. Get close to the seabed and enjoy the wealth of marine life resting on a unique volcanic site.

The Aquarium

Overview: Visit the aquarium accessible on foot from Saint-Gilles to know more about the island's various underwater environments and explore its fascinating flora and fauna: rocky slopes (sabre squirrelfish, eyestripe surgeonfish, red lionfish, red-toothed triggerfish, spiny lobster), coral gardens (clownfish, Moray eels, butterfly of Madagascar, Moorish idol) reef depths and open seas (barracudas, sharks). Throughout the trail, soft lighting, ambient music and many interactive modules help visitors learn more.

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