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Surabaya – the second largest city in Indonesia

Fresh & Relax Spa Package

Duration: 4 Hours
Overview: Enjoy a special treatment for your body, soul and mind with this Aromatherapy Spa Package which includes Foot Bath, Body Wash, Javanese Traditional Massage, Javanese Herbal Body Scrub, Sauna, Flowers Petal Bath and Herbal Ginger Drink.

Surabaya Discovery Tour

Duration: 5 Hours
Overview: See the Submarine Monument, Kayoon Flower Garden Market and the Joko Dolog Statue, built in 1289 to honor King Kertanegara of the Singosari Dynasti. Visit the House of Sampoerna, owned by one of the biggest cigarette clove factories in Indonesia. This building built in Dutch Colonial style in 1858 is now a museum. Visit the cigarette factory behind to see the process of making cigarette cloves by hand. See the famous Komodo Dragon, the world's largest lizard at Surabaya Zoo.

Safari Park Tour

Duration: 5 Hours
Overview: Taman Safari Indonesia is a national 400 acre wildlife conservation site at the foothill of Mt. Arjuno. It is only about 1½ hours drive from Surabaya and is home to wild animals such as lions, Himalaya black bears, white tigers, wild buffalo, komodo dragon, rhinoceros, European bison and others which live in the open. The park is divided into 3 zones - the Wildlife zone, where you can see natural wildlife in your own private car or tourist bus; the Attraction zone, where wildlife education is offered through entertaining attractions. A weekly circus is performed here every Sunday; and the Baby Zoo Zone, a place to meet baby animals. The park is also equipped with a children's' recreational park and restaurant.

Surabaya Full Day City Tour

Duration: 8 Hours
Overview: Visit the Submarine Monument, Kayoon Flower Garden Market, Heroes Monument and Museum Perjuangan. Also see the House of Sampoerna, built in 1858 in Dutch Colonial style, owned by one of the biggest cigarette clove factories in Indonesia. It has now become a museum. Visit the factory to see how cigarette cloves are made by hand. Next visit the Mosque and Tomb of Sunan Ampel, a Muslim saint who pioneered the spread of Islam in Java in the 13th century. Pass by the Red Bridge, where the most savage fighting took place in 1945 and Kembang Jepun China Town with its typical old Chinese architecture. Visit Hotel Majapahit, once the centre of the Dutch during the Independence War. Last, visit Grahadi Building, a convention hall and the official residence of East Java Governor.

Surabaya Half Day Shopping Tour

Duration: 5 Hours
Overview: Go shopping at Tanggulangin, known as the center of leather products such as bags, purses, belts, jackets, shoes and many more. Also visit Toko Tanjung at Sidaorjo to shop for prawn or fish crackers and other traditional Indonesian snacks. The tour guide will help you make your choice and assist you in bargaining.

Trowulan Majapahit Tour

Duration: 8 Hours
Overview: Visit the archeological sites of the Majapahit Hindhu Kingdom (13th -16th century). Many temples are in the area of Trowulan near Mojokerto City. Visit Trowulan Archeological Museum, which displays the remains and artifacts, Segaran Pool, the Pendopo Agung Trowulan, the main building of Majapahit palace, Bajang Ratu Temple, Tikus Temple, the bathing pool of the royal family, Brahu Temple, believed to contain the cremated remains of King Brawijaya and Wringin Lawang Temple.

Midnight Bromo Tourr

Duration: 11 Hours
Overview: Mount Bromo, home of the fire god 'Betoro Bromo', is an active volcano (2.382 m), about 145 km southeast from Surabaya and is well known for its breathtakingly beautiful view of the sunrise and the volcano crater. The Steaming crater, which last erupted in 1824, is part of the massive Tengger Mountain. After a 3 hour drive by car from Surabaya, arrive at Cemorolawang village. Proceed by horse back, riding via the sand and sea up to the foot of Mt. Bromo. Climb 247 concrete steps to the rim of the crater to see the sunrise. Return to Cemorolawang village and transfer to Surabaya.

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