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Tallinn City Tour

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Overview: This combined bus and walking tour is an excellent way for first-time visitors to get to know Tallinn. Starting from the passenger port and major hotels, the one hour bus trip takes you through the most interesting sections of the city, past the Kadriorg Palace and the Song Festival Grounds to the Pirita district, providing a running commentary on Estonian history and contemporary life.

The walking portion of the tour covers the Old Town. You will start at the corner of Toompea and Komandandi Streets and proceed across Toompea hill, stopping at the Parliament Building, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Dome Church and a scenic viewpoint before heading to the narrow streets of the lower town and finally ending up on Town Hall Square where the tour finishes.

Kadriorg (St. Catherine's Valley)

Duration: Half Day
Overview: Kadriorg is one of the romantic hotspots of Tallinn. It boasts a large park with ponds, flower gardens and pathways, which surround the magnificent Kadriorg Palace which was built by Russian Tsar Peter I. The constructions began in 1718, and it was called Ekaterinenthal, or Catherinenthal, in honor of Catherine I.The architect was the Italian Niccolo Michetti, who was later involved with the famous Peterhof Palace. It is said that the tsar himself laid the first foundation stones for the palace. Currently, the baroque Kadriorg Palace houses the foreign art collection of the Estonian Art Museum.

In the 1930s, Kadriorg Palace became a residence for the head of state. On the same level as the palace, across the back flower garden, lies the president's office building, built a few years before World War II, which today serves as the residence of the President of the Republic of Estonia.

St. Olav's Church

Duration: Half Day
Overview: St. Olav's Church was the tallest church in Medieval Europe. The earliest data on St. Olav's Church is from 1267. Little is known about the building of this Gothic style church and its early years. The church was named after the Norwegian King Olav II Haraldsson, canonized as a saint. St. Olav was considered the protector of seafarers.

Around 1500, the building reached a height of 159 meters (now 123,7m), and became the world's tallest building of the time. The reason for its tall steeple must have been to use it as a maritime signpost, for the trading city. In summertime, climb the steps up the tower to enjoy the magnificent view of the Old Town, the port and the sea.

Town Hall and Town Hall Square

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: The square in front of Tallinn's Town Hall was a marketplace for centuries, even before the Town Hall itself was built. Today the square remains a cultural focal point for the city. In summer, it's filled with outdoor cafés and is home to countless open-air concerts, handicraft fairs and medieval markets. In winter, there is an annual Christmas Market. Also, find the round stone marked with a compass rose in the middle of the square. From this spot, with a little stretching and bending, you can see the tops of all five of Old Town's spires.

In Soviet Tracks Tallinn

Duration: 2 hours
Overview: After the retreat of the Nazis in 1944, Estonia became reoccupied for the next 47 years by the Soviet regime. "In Soviet Tracks" is an informative thought-provoking tour that brings history alive. Among many sites, you will see the famous Patarei sea fortress-prison, Seaplane harbor, wooden workers' barracks in Kopli, previously forbidden border zones of Soviet border guard, examples of Stalinist architecture, famous KGB headquarters of Old Tallinn and many more.

Medieval Dinner and Folk Show "Merchant's Feast

Duration: 2 hours
Overview: Enjoy a traditional medieval feast at Olde Hansa, a restaurant in a beautiful house formerly owned by a rich man, in the heart of the Old Town. Olde Hansa musicians will play live medieval music during the feast, creating a really unique atmosphere. The Merchant's Feast includes 15 different dishes including traditional tender meat dishes accompanied with Olde Hansa's usual side dishes. This feast does not include fish.

National Park Lahemaa Tour

Duration: 6 hours
Overview: This tour will take you to the beautiful National Park Lahema in Northern Estonia, 70 km east of Tallinn. The park promotes educational activities on nature conservation. Then visit the 18th century Palmse Manor, housing original furniture from the 1920s and a beautiful 1850s Meissen porcelain chandelier in the "salon" with its original Turkish couches. Visit Sagadi low manor, with a lovely lake. It is one of the few mansions in Estonia to be decorated in the rococo style. Then see one of the most beautiful manors - Vihua Manor, in the water mill lake.

Private excursion to Western Coast of Estonia

Duration: 7 hours
Overview: West Estonia is characterized by vast expanses of land, fresh sea air, scenic routes and romantic waterfalls. Taking the coastal route to Paldinski, your first stop will be the Turisalu cliff, towering at 31 m. Further along is Keila Joa where you will see the most romantic waterfall in Estonia. Next stop is Paldinkski, once turned into a closed town by the Soviet army. En route to Haapsalu, the major site of interest is the 13th century Padise Monastery. Haapsalu is well known for its warm seawater, curative mud and peaceful atmosphere. Its narrow streets with wooden houses lead to the sea. The town dates back to 1279 and buildings from those early days remain today, including an Episcopal castle which has the largest single-nave cathedral in the Baltic States. On full moon nights in August an image of a maiden, The White Lady, appears in the window of the baptistery of the Dome Church.

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