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Waitomo Glowworm Caves Tour

Duration: 45 Minutes
Overview: Discover an ancient underground labyrinth, marvel at the amazing limestone caverns and formations created by Mother Nature. Your guided tour takes you through stunning underground scenery commencing with the magnificent 'Cathedral'. The acoustics in this particular cave are world-renowned. The highlight is an unrivalled boat trip through the spectacular Glowworm Grotto. Glide silently through the starry wonderland, lit by a myriad of tiny glowworm lights, glimmering and reflecting off the water. Learn about the cultural legends and natural history of this awe-inspiring region.

Black Water Rafting-Black Abyss

Duration: 5 Hours
Overview: Black Abyss is the ultimate adrenaline rush for natural born adventurers. Descend into the black depths of Ruakuri Cave on this five hour expedition combining abseiling, climbing, tight rock squeezes and cave tubing through a unique underground river system. At every stage you are accompanied by experienced guides. Inside the cave naturally occurring stalactites and stalagmites will amaze while the resident glowworms provide a spectacular visual exhibition.

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