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Walvis Bay

Dolphin Cruise

Overview: View dolphins leaping out alongside the boat, seals fed by hand, fresh oysters and cold champagne on the calm waters. Ski Boats depart from Walvis Bay at 9 am and cruise the harbor to Bird Island and across the lagoon to moored Russian trawlers where seals will swim up for something to eat. At Pelican Point view a large seal colony and schools of Heavyside and Bottlenose dolphins. See flamingos, cormorants, pelicans, the Jackass Penguin, huge Leatherback Turtles, Sunfish and Dusky dolphins. Whale sightings are best from August to October.

Historian Quad Bike Edu-Desert Tour

Overview: Learn about the fascinating desert around the Kuiseb Delta. Depart early morning on this 4 hour tour. After a pre-tour quad bike training session on lightweight, fully automatic bikes traverse the arid terrain with its undulating sand dunes and Ephemeral River which is older than the Namib Desert. Learn about the region's geological, archaeological, botanical and zoological aspects. Meet with the Topnaar, one of the oldest Namibian inhabitants.

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