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Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: The highest altitude mountain railway station in Europe with a new restaurant in the Minergie-P standard sets standards for sustainability. The panorama: a breathtaking view of Italian, French and Swiss alpine giants from an altitude of 3,883 metres. This is the starting point for a two and a half hour hike across the glacier to climb your first 4,000 metre mountain, the Breithorn. Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps, seems near enough to touch. You are almost in Italian territory, and see the enchanting rear face of Lady Matterhorn. The air is thin. Don't try to do anything too quickly. Beneath you lies the largest summer ski area in Europe and, not far away, a cool Gravity Park for snowboarders and free skiers, open 300 days a year. You can visit the newly renovated Glacier Palace.

The cable cars and aerial tramways linking Zermatt and Matterhorn glacier paradise are now equipped with an audio system.

Glacier Palace

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: Discover mystical, icy worlds in the highest glacier palace in the world. Arrive at the Glacier Palace with one of the 2 lifts directly from the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise Station. Walk into the palace through an ice tunnel that is almost fifteen metres below the surface of the glacier. Adventurers and daredevils can return by walking through a glacier crevasse.

Discreet lighting and ethereal sounds accompany you through a minor wonder of the world of glaciers. Information about the creation of the glacier palace, glaciology and impressive statues sculpted from ice round off an experience of a very special kind. The sculptures are regularly renewed.

Glacier Garden Dossen

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: The Gletschergarten Dossen (glacier garden) – a witness of the last Ice Age - is located above Furi (1,953 m. above sea level), about 30 minutes from the hamlet. The retreat of the Gornergletscher glacier, the second largest glacier in the Alps, has left potholes exposed here. These were created by melt water that flowed down to the bed of the glacier through glacial crevasses. This melt water ran together to form streams, creating eddies with flow rates of up to 200 km/h. The remains of a soapstone (steatite) quarry can also be seen here. Crockery was once manufactured from this soft stone, as well as artistically carved stoves, which can still be seen today in many Oberwallis rooms.

Helicopter Sightseeing

Duration: 10 minutes to 30 minutes
Overview: Eye-to eye with mountaineers, and 4,000-metre peaks from a bird's eye view: a helicopter sightseeing flight is an unforgettable experience.

Matterhorn Museum

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: A visit to the museum is a must for every visitor to Zermatt. Under the glass dome of the former casino, next to the village church, a sunken world is being opened up underground: Zermatlantis. See state-of-the-art museum presentations and experience the myth of Zermatt for yourself - people in the poor farmers' village trying to ward off the forces of nature with God's help; alpinists conquering their cosmos and the death of four mountaineers during the first ascent of the Matterhorn. The farmers' village that became a world famous health resort. Anyone who has not gazed upon the broken rope from the first ascent has not really been in Zermatt.

Zermatt Folklore Festival

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: Every year on the second weekend of August, Zermatt is overrun by Swiss Foklore groups from all over the country. The highlight of the Folklore Festival is the main parade through town with 50 different folklore groups with more than 1200 dancers, yoddlers and musicians. After the parade the folklore groups perform at the fairgrounds and at the church square. Food and drinks as well as entertainment for children is provided. Spend an unforgettable day at the foot of the Matterhorn with music, dance and lots of good fun!

Forest Fun Park

Duration: At your own pace
Overview: The Forest Fun Park promises fun and adventure for the whole family. Secured by safety lines, you can step, swing and climb from tree to tree. Get a feel for the sport of climbing from the Tyrolean traverses and suspended bridges with different levels of difficulty and at different heights. A wonderful arena, with a view of the Matterhorn and in the immediate vicinity of the Matterhorn Express valley station. And, all the time, the sound of the Vispa below you.

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