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Country Facts

Georgia is at the intersection of Europe and Asia, on the shores of the Black Sea, in the Caucasus Mountains. For centuries, it has served to connect civilizations with the Silk Road, the world’s largest commercial artery, passing through it.

Georgia is a small and beautiful country with diverse nature and a generally mild climate. To the north is the Greater Caucasus Range and its glaciers, and to the south is the Lesser Caucasus Range. Georgia has land borders with four countries, with the Russian Federation to the north, Armenia and Turkey to the south, and Azerbaijan to the east and southeast.

The geographical center of Georgia is the village of Khevi, nestled amid towering mountains covered with forests in the Kharagauli area.

  • Capital: Tbilisi
  • Official Language: Kartvelian language, English is widely used
  • Government: Republic, Unitary State with Parliamentary Republic
  • Currency: Georgian Lari
  • Time Difference: 1 hours 30 minutes behind India
  • Electricity: The power sockets in Georgia are of type C and F. The standard voltage is 220 V at a frequency of 50 Hz

When To Go

Best time to visit: From May to October. The temperatures are pleasant, and the weather is generally sunny, whereas winter is much colder.

What To Do


Georgia is affectionately known as The Peach State, and peaches are used in pies, jam, salads, salsas and more. Typical Georgian dishes are influenced by flavors of the Mediterranean, Iran, Turkiye and Greece. Meats, breads, cheeses, fresh tomatoes, walnuts and chili are common ingredients. Every region has its own distinctive cuisine. Try Khinkali (soup dumplings), flat breads called Puri (like naan) Khachapuri (flat breads filled with cheese and egg), Mtsvadi (meat skewers), Kharcho (chicken or beef soupy stew with Aubergine).


Traditional Georgian souvenirs offer a rich tapestry of traditional arts and crafts, culinary delights, and inimitable Georgian hospitality. Some of the must do for shopping is Churchkhela - a traditional candle shaped candy, Georgian tea, traditional spices, handwoven textiles and rugs, local honey, silk batiks, nut products and local wines.


Tbilisi is a paradise for clubbers and party goers. Drinks are very cheap here and choice of bars and pubs unlimited, with music and atmosphere often compared to Berlin. The best time to visit pubs and bars in Tbilisi is between 21:00 - 02:00.



Travel Tips


Indians are eligible for an eVisa. The electronic visa system (eVisa) will allow Indians to receive Georgia visa online, relieving them from necessity to submit original documents or visit Georgian Embassy or Consular Office.

By Air

Airlines like J2, Turkish Airlines, Indigo, Emirates via the hub points in India and Georgia are well connected.

Rent a Car

Is very easy and a good way to travel in and around Georgia. However, be careful whilst driving with sharp turns and mountains passes it can be challenging.


Are not metered and you have to negotiate a price. Always use the app for booking the taxi, which will lead to less negotiation, and you can avoid getting overcharged.


Buses, metro, cable car are available in Tbilisi. Tbilisi is one of the only cities in Georgia with a metro system, and it's an efficient way to get around the city.


Georgia trains cover the most part of the country and connect Tbilisi, the capital, with the major destinations including Batumi on the shores of the Black Sea. Trains are one of the easiest ways to travel with fast and reliable services between major cities and tourist areas, and you can purchase tickets online.

  • Buy a local sim card, it would be the best thing to do. Preferably buy once you reach the city.
  • Always carry some cash.
  • Tipping is not part of the culture in Georgia and it is not considered mandatory. But tipping is now expected in most service industries, especially in Tbilisi.
  • It is safe to drink tap water.
  • Don’t wake up early and expect everything to be open.
  • Homestays are one of the best options, and usually will include home cooked meals.
  • There is a strict dress code for visiting Orthodox churches, monasteries, convents and mosques.
  • Learn a bit of Georgian language before you arrive.

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