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Country Facts

A gateway between Eastern and Western Europe, Poland has bounced back from genocide and the upheavals of World War II, signs of which can be seen in the Communist architecture that dots the cities. Castles, Jewish quarters, cellar bars, Auschwitz, beautiful cobblestone squares, some of Europe's most beautiful mountain scenes, director Roman Polanski and musician Frederic Chopin, stand testimony to this fascinating, historic land. Get under Polish skin by reading James A Michener's historic fiction, 'Poland', watching 'The Pianist' and listening to the jazz piano compositions of Krzysztof Komeda.

  • Capital: Warsaw
  • Official Languages: Polish
  • Government: Republic
  • Currency: Zloty
  • Time Zone: +1:00 GMT (4 ½ hrs behind India)
  • Telephone Calling Code: 0048

When To Go

Best time to visit: May to June (late spring) and September to mid-October (autumn). The average annual temperature is about 6-8°C, while summers can be around 20-25 °C. August, which is generally sunny and very warm with some hot days. Winters can be really cold, with the chance of snow from November till March.

What To Do

Poles love their pork and potatoes. Influenced by Eastern European, German and even Russian cuisine, it is rich and hearty and often time-consuming to make. Traditional meals consists of three courses, with a soup and appetiser, a main course with sides, and dessert.

What to eat and drink
  • Żurek: Sour soup with sausage and boiled eggs
  • Bigos: Sauerkraut with meat
  • Pierogi: Dumplings stuffed with cottage cheese and minced meat
  • Rosół: Meat broth commonly served with fine noodles
  • Kotlet schabowy: Pork cutlet coated with breadcrumbs
  • Makowiec: Poppy seed roll
  • Żubrówka: Vodka with a blade of bison grass

Amber, Vodka, lace, old coins and maps, Krupnik, a sweet honey and spice liqueur, WWII memorabilia, silver jewelery, hand-painted icons and poster art.


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